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Courses of action
CONFAES works in five major strategic areas

1. Social Dialogue

Collective bargaining: CONFAES negotiates in Salamanca 75% of collective bargaining agreements, affecting more than 50% of Salamanca companies and approximately 30% of the number of employed workers in the province.

2. Labor Risk Prevention

Since 2001, CONFAES has an advisory service in occupational risk prevention available to all employers in Salamanca.
Among the many initiatives that CONFAES carries out, two specific programs stand out:
  • Labor prevention within the company
Comprehensive program that includes telephone counseling, personal and web, conferences, creation of documentation, specific manuals ...
  • Companies Visits
Great acceptance. Since its launch, this program has seen about 4,000 companies.

3. Associations

CONFAES brings together more than 50 business associations in the province, supporting them and offering them all their capacity and services with the ultimate goal of boosting Salamanca's businesses.

4. Innovation

This service seeks to raise awareness and inform companies individually to invest in improving their R & D & I capacity.

5. Occupational Training

CONFAES has as a key pillar the training, both for unemployed people and continuous training of entrepreneurs, active and self-employed workers.
In the last year CONFAES has held courses in areas as diverse as computer science, law, security, design, accounting, ...
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